This was the title of my inaugural lecture as Visiting Professor at the University of Bolton UK, on 10 March 2023. The video captures me fairly well…
I post comments on an email grouping of some 350 psychiatrists around the world. What I plan to do now, is trim these, and post them up here, on…
Yesterday, 28 February 2023, A two part documentary on Charlie Bronson was aired on Channel 4, UK. I have known this man for 31 years, and to describe…

December 2022

Why it can be hard to let traumatic memories fade, whatever happened to you as a child – it’s a long time ago now . . . . .

November 2022

Synopsis and links

October 2022

In a recent long article, the Guardian UK newspaper, excerpts from Rachel Aviv’s book were printed. The tragedy she describes is still ongoing. My…

August 2022

A chapter in a forthcoming book, aiming to dethrone the current psychiatric hegemony

June 2022

A documentary

August 2021

In my latest philosophy paper, entitled “The Simple Science Of Psychiatry, Psychodrugs And Of WAR – Friendless Childhoods Foment Warring Adults”, I…

February 2021

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