I clung to my rage as my 'dysfunctional and dystopian comfort blanket' for many years.

I gradually realised, that is, this truth became real in my experience, during the custodial years of my life sentence (1983-2005), that my rage was a cancer that was slowly killing me as I had killed another.

Thankfully, I discovered the power of 'letting go' (what some may call 'forgiveness' of the perpetrators of my early years trauma).

To this day, I continue to try to live a life of 'letting go'.

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Wow, Michael, that rings so true – if only we could get more support, sooner, we would have far less ‘rage’, and indeed less cancer of all varieties, especially those that consume people.

Thanks for sharing – I’ll see if I can’t get this message spread more widely – if I do, I may well come back to you for more backing.

Thank you,


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Thank you Bob...it's gratifying to know my experience may help. I publish on Substack...my latest piece deals with these issues if you would like to read more.

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