How to heal the permanent wound of trauma? Focus on the perpetrator, visualise and make real for the awareness that haunting spectre and order it to leave. Assert your adulthood and banish the anachronism.

"I'm alive! I'm an adult! I'm 75 not 5! Now go! Leave me!"

Repeat as often as possible

Use different versions of the same essential message.

You'll know when you have achieved your object...

The apprehensions will disappear...the rational mind will function in all situations.

You will be ftee to be YOURSELF!

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Happily Neil is talking about what to do AFTER the FIRST stage – none of this is likely to have any traction, unless and until a solid trustworthy relationship has first been well and truly established.

Only in the SECOND stage can verbal exercises, otherwise known as Verbal Physiotherapy, even begin. Up to that point, the whole thing is rather too easily dismissed as absurd, which is just another way of non-thinking.

When you can say things as easily as Neil describes, then the blockage has gone -- until then, much friendly persuasion may well be needed -- but don't despair, the past is now over, either way.

Rock on – but only with CONSENT, and taking very good care.


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